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Live Updates for Known Issues

Check here for the latest Procentive system updates.


Clinical Charting Filters

This change was made in response to slowness in loading the Clinical/Charting Module.

Currently the size of Clinical/Charting related tables occupies 73.4% of your database. While we understand the new process may feel like an inconvenience to some, we wanted to ensure quicker load times for all of our customers to enjoy.

Once you switch the date filters, those dates will remain while you are in that session/until you log out of Procentive. If you clear the dates completely and go to another module, it will revert back to the 90 day filter:


We recommend, if you are looking to capture all client records, clear the start date but leave the end date:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support ticket.


Post-n-Track Status

Procentive has been in contact with the clearing house Post-N-Track (PNT) due to recent claims that have been sent for the payers; Health Partners & UBH/UnitedHealth Care, but the statuses are not displaying correctly.

PNT has acknowledged that this is their issue and they’re working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Claims have been received, however the statuses are not displaying correctly. We have seen that the statuses in the Electronic Module are inconsistent and the responses from the payer are intermittent dating from 1/10/2020 through now.

We will update you upon more information from PNT.


Client Portal; Appointment Request

We have been made aware and are working towards resolving when a client or client representative has requested an appointment, through the client portal the staff may not receive an email notification of the request.

At this time, we have addressed that this is an issue and will be working diligently to resolve.


Enhancements to Two Standard Document Sets

In response to recent legislative changes to MN State Statute Rule 245G, Procentive is updating two of our standard document sets. If you are using our ‘PRO-245G-'  documents, you will see these changes take effect with newly created documents beginning July 15, 2019.  

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