New Performance Improvements

In an effort to improve Procentive, we have been working on updates to improve your experience with speed and standard session timeout features. In order to take advantage of the new performance improvement features every user will want to clear their cache/browsing history on Thursday 03/01/2018 to allow the new updates to work properly.

If your cache is not cleared you will continue to experience undesired log offs. The new updates will not be live until Thursday about 5:00 am so please clear your cache/browsing history after that time.

Please note: Standard Session timeout settings are still active and will log you out if you are not active in the software based on those settings.

Learn How to Clear Your Cache

Select the web browser that you use from the options below, and follow the directions in the article.

Internet Explorer

Clear Your Cache in IE

Google Chrome

Clear Your Cache in Chrome


Clear Your Cache in Safair
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